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Victor Hugo Rodriguez Chávez & Blanca

Iglesia de Cristo Benito Juarez

Date of Birth:

January 10, 1970



Hugo Jr   age 29 Graphic Design

Diego   age 27 Radiologist Technician

Yarely   age 25 Dentist 

A Bit About Me

I am the son of Luis Alonso Rodríguez Guerrero and Carmen Chávez López. I am the fourth child of the five of the Rodríguez Chávez family. I was born in a Christian family, since I was a child we went to the church of Christ in Sierra Ventana, there I was baptized on January 29, 1984, at the age of 14, I always liked the things of God, since I was young I shared studies and preaching when we took worship to a sick brother, I was motivated by my dad, who was a retired Christian of the Lord to dedicate my life to ministry of preaching, in the secular I studied until high school and then worked in different trades, where I developed the most was in the area of insurance, since from the age of 18 I worked in that

I married very young, at 20 years with Blanca Salazar, she was 18 years old, we had had a courtship of more than three years. We decided to unite our lives and a month after our wedding we entered the School of Preaching in Monterrey in February 1991, where we prepared to work in the church in a better way, I graduated on January 29, 1993, I have preached in different places in my 29 years as a minister, for a few months I preached in the congregation of San Borja in Mexico City, in San Juan de Sabinas Coahuila, in Matamoros Tamaulipas and in the congregation of Cerro de la Silla in Monterrey, where we spent more than six years collaborating part-time, continued to work in the secular and preaching part-time, until by June 2002, my family and I decided to go to work in the church of Christ in Juarez, a newly established congregation with the support of three congregations, but which had the need for a full-time preacher, by this time I was already sick of my legs, I got a disease that affected my head of the femur, for more than two years I struggled to walk normally, for May and October 2003, I was operated on my legs and I they put some semi-prostheses of titanium, thank God that put the economic means to be able to do my operations since they were very expensive at the time, I am currently very well and I can move normally, although I suffer a lot for the effort to do it, in other health problems I have diabetes for 11 years, but I try to have adequate control and thank God within everything I feel very good, about my personal plans, I want to move forward working in the church in Juarez, this June we celebrate 20 years of working in this church, we have been greatly blessed in this time, we have a place of our own and pleasant, to serve God and spiritually we have contributed with the establishment of members, more than 70 and 15 restorations, when we arrived there was no member and we rented a little house where we met, and the members who form the church of Juarez, we live in Juarez, we are 45 members and we have continuously visitors, we love this church very much, for all that we have worked and invested in our lives, we pray that God will continue to bless his church in Juarez and for us to continue serving him until the end of our life... In Cristo Blanca and Hugo Rodríguez... 3 John 2 

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