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Young Family

Living In Faith Together

young families

Our young families group is called the LIFT Group and it stands for Living in Faith Together because we firmly believe that is exactly what we do.  It consists of families that still have school-aged kids living at home.  We have classes that meet together on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  Currently, we are studying the book of Galatians on Sunday mornings taught by LIFT member Roger Wenzel.  On Wednesday nights, we are studying Gary Chapman's book The Family You've Always Wanted.  That discussion is being led by Ray Don McIntosh, our Family Life Minister.  We also try to have monthly LIFT Gatherings.  Those are just times we get to have extra fellowship with one another.  Sometimes those gatherings are for the whole family and sometimes they're just for adults.  We would love for you and your family to come check us out anytime.  You will find that we're all just trying to grow closer to God and each other.

Join Us for Bible Class on Sunday morning at 9AM in the Activity Center.