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Jesus Corrales & Patricia

Iglesia de Cristo Chihuahua

Married: Patricia


Jorge Sain Corrales Garcia

Jesus Elias Corrales Garcia

A Bit About Me

How and when he became a Christian: I knew the church from a very young age, and I liked it the kinds of children that the sisters gave us. And the desire to follow God was born to me, because since I was a child I was instructed in the word of God. and from a young age I was instructed more exactly and on August 13, 1995 I converted.  

I had other jobs before, my work has been many, I have worked in the trade, distribution of products. My wife and children are all Christians and we are united in the family and spiritually.  

I was always active in the church activities. I was the one who directed praise in the church. 

I was already preaching before going to school preaching; my brother-in-law who also graduated from the MEP, he gave me the opportunity to expose the word in the church. From there I was born and preach the word and I believe that God has used me for His work and what is its mission, seek more men for Christ and teach the brothers of the congregation so that let us continue together in the grace of God. 

My goals as a Christian is together to have our building to be special for worship.  My goals as a preacher: Preaching the Word and Starting to Grow numerically 

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