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Jesus Lopez Trejo and Pily

Iglesia de Cristo Tonatiuh

Date of Birth:

January 4, 1970



Jesussadán, Melina, Rosalinda and David

4 grandchildren.

A Bit About Me

I was born in the city of Querétaro. I am the third of six brothers, my parents were Dolores Trejo and Lucio López. At the age of five my brother and I sold newspapers because my father was at home for a short time; he He died when I was nine years old, for this reason we moved to the house of my maternal grandparents, my grandfather was a bricklayer and every day we accompanied him to help him in the construction work. At the age of ten he tended a flock of sheep and goats; later at the age of thirteen I was a baker and from there at the age of fifteen years I worked with a man who had movie projector devices. It was at this time that I started reading a Bible from my uncle but I only read the book of Genesis and I really liked what it said about the Patriarchs, but it didn't arouse any spiritual interest. 

At the age of fifteen, I met a young woman named Pily Vargas, since I saw her, I liked her a lot and together we began a beautiful dating relationship that lasted about three years; after this period we joined in marriage. Thirty-three years of marriage to this day, thank God. Our first two children were born. Being very small the first of them, my wife knew the gospel and it was she who was in charge of transmitting the message of the gospel to me; I was very reluctant and always resisted God's call. In mid-1993 I obeyed the gospel and was baptized for the forgiveness of sins in the church of Christ who was meets on Boulevard Bernardo Quintana in the city of Querétaro; Brother Manuel Arroyo Salas was the one who he was baptized. Manuel Arroyo, started a preaching school together with his brother Miguel Arroyo, it was Brother Manuel who invited me to be part of the first preaching school in the city. 

The school lasted a short time and because of some problems the project was suspended; for this reason, the Brother Miguel Arroyo encouraged us to move forward but in Monterrey School of Preaching. It was an idea that went beyond our expectations, because I never imagined that we would have to move cities. There was a time when I lost the mood to continue with the plan, but a companion and brother who had also decided to go to Monterrey was in charge of encouraging me and so we continue with the plan. Then came a moment of discouragement for my partner Moisés and now I was in charge of motivating him to go to Monterrey together. At last we decided and having been baptized for a year and a half I was admitted to Monterrey School of Preaching at the age of twenty-five years. Here began this great adventure in Monterrey together with my wife Pily and my first two children. During our stay in Monterrey five people were baptized: Ruby, Mary, Elizabeth, Esther, and the mother of they. It was a time of joys and sorrows but all of that was part of the preparation for ministry. Little some time before graduating I was offered to preach the church of Christ in the Western colony in Monclova, but our plans, or rather, God's plans were not to stay there. 

At the end of our studies we decided to return to our city to start a new work, and so, on the 24th of February 1998 began the church of Christ in the Mazatecos neighborhood, our home and our meeting place. Around this time two more children were born. We moved to different places until finally in 2011 we began to meet in the Tonatiuh colony, where we continued building our building. As a preacher, our mission is to save souls (Matthew 28:18-20), our The goal is the edification of the church, until we all come to the unity of faith (Ephesians 4:11-14). Christian, my goal is to reflect the light of Christ and be a pleasant smell of Christ so that many may be saved. (Matthew 5:14; 2 Corinthians 2:15) Today we have two married children and two singles, we are grandparents of two boys and two Girls. Juan Pablo, Leonardo, Quetzallí and Merab, our princesses. 

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