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Luis Antonio Valdez Jungo
& Mara

Iglesia de Cristo Zapopan

Date of Birth:

December 18, 1980


May 10, 2002


A Bit About Me

My wife's name is Mara Elim Garcia Rosales, Date of birth 04-September-1983. In June 2004, with 2 years of marriage, we moved to the city of Monterrey to begin the preparation at the Monterrey School of Preaching, I graduated in June 2006. One day after graduation we returned from Monterrey to Zamora Michoacán to make preparations for the start of a congregation, from 2006 to 2019 we were in charge of the congregation in Zamora Michoacán. Right now we are in the city of Zapopan Jalisco, where we arrived in April 2021 To date we have had 4 baptisms since our arrival. The congregation has 27 members. My desire to preach was born in me, from 15-16 years of age. I became a preacher at the age of 23 and my wife was age 20. My purpose or plan as a preacher or Christian is to help the church through sound doctrine to remain steadfast and faithful until the Lord comes and rescue souls from sin. My wife is now 38 years old and I am 41, and we want to continue working for the Lord's work. 

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