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July 9, 2020

From the Shepherds:


As everyone is well aware, the Coronavirus situation is currently affecting us in almost every aspect of our lives.  Our spiritual lives are continually being impacted as well.  As Shepherds we are on constant alert to these and other matters and how our congregation is being affected. 


Unfortunately, the extent of the virus has been increasing almost daily since we made the decision to resume worship services at the building.  In fact, the daily new case rate in Texas has increased by a factor of 10 since that time only 5 weeks ago.  Thankfully, the death rate has increased at a slower pace, bur it has still doubled since we started back and is still rising.  Therefore, after much prayer and deliberation we have decided to suspend our public worship for at least the next 30 days.  We will continue to follow the results state wide and especially here in Bell County.  We will resume our live worship services when it is apparent that efforts to control the rapid spread of the disease are working and the trends for our area are headed down again.


This decision is an agonizing one and was not made easily.  You probably know that most other churches in Salado are already closed or perhaps never opened.  We highly value the importance of meeting together in person.  But our concern for the health and well being of every member has led us to this point.  The great uncertainty and large number of unknowns about the virus illustrate that even the “experts” are often divided and it appears there is as much we don’t know as what we think we do know.  Since the very lives of our members are potentially at stake, we feel we must err on the side of safety for all of our sakes.


We will continue to live-stream our services.  Virtual worship is certainly not optimal, but we are so thankful we have this option available to us.  We will be discussing other means of outreach in the days ahead and we encourage every member to help us find ways to better minister to each other in this difficult time.


We believe we will be among the first to get back to live worship services when circumstances improve.  Remember that our worship to God goes well beyond what we do Sunday morning.


Grace and Peace to us all.


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