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From the Shepherds:


Currently our congregation does not require the wearing of masks, but we encourage all who consider themselves to be at greater risk to take precautions, including distancing, masks, and even excusing themselves from the public assembly for a time.


We meet, as elders, quite frequently, and this is often a topic of conversation and interest.  We will continue to update our policies on the pandemic as the situation dictates.

Please feel free to contact any elder with ideas or suggestions that might improve our congregation’s response to this virus and/or our facilities and worship services.  Thank you so much for your support, not only to us, but also to our staff.  They have worked hard to serve you throughout these trying times.


Grace and Peace to us all.

a place where you can belong

We hope you will take the opportunity to get to know us here at the Salado Church of Christ.


We think you will find us to be ordinary people, striving to model our lives after Jesus as He is revealed in God's Word; the Bible.


We exist as a body to worship God to spread to everyone the knowledge of salvation that comes through Jesus and gives us hope of eternal life with Him.


We would like you to seek out God's Will in the Bible, obey Him, and find your place of belonging in His family! If we can help you in that search, or if you would wish to join us on our journey, please let us know!

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